The Business “C” Word:  How to Increase Consultants’ ROI


Written by Maitri Meyer, August 18, 2017

There seem to be two opposing viewpoints when it comes to the necessity of hiring consultants to effectively run an organization. There are those that enthusiastically rely on consultants as a business-critical resource and those who strongly believe, and often loudly exclaim, “Those who can’t, consult!”

Reasons Companies Hire Consultants

Companies hire consultants because they have a significant business challenge and gaps in expertise and/or bandwidth to solve it. By hiring a consultant, they assume their problem will be fixed by the consultant. More often, the consultant analyzes the situation and makes a plan for correction, but the consultant is not the one who implements the plan. That task usually falls back on the company, who probably still has the gap in bandwidth and/or expertise! The result is a beautiful report complete with SMART goals, budgets and timelines and no one in the company able to do anything with it.

Two Consistent Consultant Deliverables

No matter the type of consultant or topic they are consulting on, there are always two consistent deliverables: A long to-do list and a big invoice!

Because hiring a consultant is such a resource-intense investment, it is critical to implement the recommendations ASAP.  Letting those suggestions go stale is a sure-fire way to sour any future consulting budget allocations.  Immediately turning the counsel in to deadline-driven projects and finding the resources to carry them out needs to be the final step of any strategic initiative.

Project Execution Strategy

“Project”, as defined by the Project Management Institute:

A project is temporary in that it has a defined beginning and end in time, and therefore defined scope and resources. And a project is unique in that it is not a routine operation, but a specific set of operations designed to accomplish a singular goal.

Therefore, it does not make sense to divert (or train) current staff to complete any project, because it is not a process that will be repeated.

Instead, contracting outside project resources that are skilled in the exact tasks required makes far more sense to ensure project completion and success.

Consultant Collaborators

Asking your consultant to take the final step of outlining specific project parameters to implement his/her recommendations is the best way to increase consultant ROI.  With the consultant’s final report and clear project requirements in hand, a virtual professional can pick up right where the consultant left off.

Ultimately, your company will receive a much greater benefit from your consultant’s expertise by hiring virtual professionals to complete business critical projects, without interrupting your current daily operations.

Conclusion: How to get your consultant initiated projects actually done

Our virtual professionals have 20+ years of experience in their respective fields to ensure your project is a success.  Let us fill your bandwidth and expertise gaps to get your critical projects Actually DONE!